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3 Mantras on Moving Out

We have traveled far away from our nomadic lifestyle. In the past we were groups of people hunting and gathering food for our tribes and crashing in caves at nights for shelter. With the passage of time, we learned to organize ourselves and develop settlements as opposed to the gypsy-like living. A look into the past shows the existence of many civilizations namely the Nile Valley or the Indus Valley Civilization, each with its unique characteristic in terms of housing and architecture to suit the basic needs of its people. The shift to modern and sophisticated housing was mainly due to our changing needs and wants.

We are now in the 21st century with high-rise apartments and chic houses all designed with our unique needs in mind. From our prehistoric past to the present, we are constantly moving places in order to meet our pressing needs. Sometimes, it is at our own will and sometimes we are forced to move either for job or for studies.

Moving is challenging both mentally and physically. It can be more stressful when we are moving away from our home and family. So here are some tips as to how we can plan our moving out to save ourselves from much physical and emotional distress.


1) Tips before moving out

  • Prepare yourself mentally: Moving is taxing. You should be mentally prepared before you plan to move into a new place. You should keep in mind that you are moving out for a positive reason and that you have made a good decision to build yourself a better future. If you have a family, show them the good aspect of moving into a new place. Make them realize how small compromises can make their life better. Prepare your children to join new school and adapt into a new environment.
  • Plan everything in an organized way: Planning is the most important factor for moving out. Plan to put items from different sections of your home into separate boxes and tag them. E.g. kitchen items go into the box marked ‘Kitchen’, living room items into ‘Living Room’ box and so on. Making boxes for light and useful things and putting name tags over them will be helpful to rearrange those items once you move into your new house. This saves your valuable time and makes you avoid confusion.
  • Clean Everything: Closets, cupboards, toy chests, shelves, attics and all. You should not hesitate to discard something that you do not need. You can discard things that last for a year or two because it is likely to be useless in your new place. Unwanted items can be gifted to your friends, sold or even given away in charity. This way you can move out light and without much hassle.
  • Pack everything in advance: You should start packing up things that you need in advance because packing cannot be done in a day. So, start your packing from the day you decide to move out.

2) Tips for the day you move out

  • Hire a reliable mover: You should first make inquiries about the moving cost and the companies near you who provide reliable services. When you choose any mover make sure they are professional. You may want to consult new movers in your locality.

  • Keep in mind you may need extra cash: You should not travel with tight budget because once you reach your new home you may need a plumber or an electrician to fix the issues of your new house. You may even need cleaners to clean your new house so always carry more money than that you have estimated.

3) Tips for the first night in your new house

  • Plan for the first night in the new house:  If you think you can unpack everything on the first day of moving out, then you are wrong. You should first arrange your bed and basic utensils so that you can have a good night’s sleep on the first night. You will be as fresh as dew in the morning to carry on with the rest of your unpacking.

Next day’s plan 

Take things out of the boxes and place them at the location where you can find them easily. Arrange the items as per your need and choice. Give your new home a personality that best suits your persona. Home Sweet Home!

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Pramesh Baskota is an avid writer on the topic of home improvement. He writes regularly for Busy Bee Movers, Texas.