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Wood doors offer impeccable finishing and versatility rarely found in any other type of door product, and when maintained properly, the doors can become a family heirloom for years to come. This is why customers continue to select a wooden door over well-priced options in fiberglass or ultra-modern versions in metals such as aluminum or steel. There’s a door for everyone and every kind of project, but the classic style and warmth that comes with wood is hard to beat. ETO Doors specializes in wood doors, and has some of the best-priced mahogany doors on the market today. ETO customers can choose from mahogany, Brazilian mahogany, knotty alder, and walnut wood species in a multitude of door styles.

The species selection is an important consideration when choosing an outside door as some species work better in certain climates than others. ETO Doors’ sales team can guide you through the appropriate selection to ensure that your door will work in the heat of the Vegas desert, or the bitter cold of North Dakota. ETO wooden doors come unfinished and unstained, allowing you the most flexibility in terms of final product. Instead of purchasing a door that is almost the right color for your home or preexisting wooden floors, you can select the perfect door, and hire a stainer/painter, or prepare the stain yourself to ensure a perfect match. And while ETO Doors does offer well-made aluminum doors, and maintains relationships with fiberglass door manufacturers Jen-Weld® and Plastpro®, so if you prefer a different finish than what is offered with natural wood, ETO Doors can still meet your door needs.

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