ETO Doors Reviews- New Website

Easy online door ordering is here! We’re all accustomed to ordering products online; it started with, which made online shopping easier than going to the store and picking products in-person. Now, ETO Doors is joining the online e-commerce trend with the launch of their new website, currently in beta at The new site allows users to view the doors as they build them, pick the swing (inswing and outswing), as well as the handing (right hand or left hand).

In addition, the type of door material: wood, aluminum, or fiberglass, all are options when choosing your door. Glass and iron designs can be added or removed at anytime in the ordering process, making it easy for last-minute changes or upgrades that happen so frequently in the construction process.

The website revolutionizes door shopping and eliminates most sources of confusion for DIY customers, who typically are unfamiliar with door terminology and other considerations when installing. For the experienced contractor, the website makes ordering large quantities with various heights and swings as easy as ‘point and click’.

Guided by ETO’s trained sales team, anyone armed with proper measurements and a basic idea of what they require for their door should be able to navigate the door ordering process quickly and, more importantly, accurately- saving time and money on the project.

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