ETO Doors- Customer Service

It’s the ETO Doors philosophy that there is no single point for customer service, from the first call to the last email, your experience as a customer is first priority for ETO Doors. This means every department is guided by an underlying goal to provide the best possible service to the customer. Key points of customer interaction include the Status Department, where existing customers can receive updated information on their order, including estimated ship dates, and the Claims department, where any problems with your doors or door delivery are handled in the most expeditious way possible.

The sales team member with whom you work will remain your primary point of contact until the sale is finalized. Once finalized your order moves to the accounting department. If there are any questions about the amounts or billing style, an accounting team member will be in contact to discuss the same.

Following the Accounting department, the production manager receives the order, schedules its manufacture, and alerts the production team to prepare by picking the accessories and ordering any requisite door accessories and glass. During the manufacturing process, the Status team should be the primary point of contact, as they liaise directly with the production manager on the production floor. Once shipped, customers receive the shipping information via email, enabling them to schedule delivery directly with the carrier. If there are any issues following delivery or during delivery, customers are encouraged to contact their salesperson immediately, if the situation necessitates, the salesperson will alert the appropriate department to assist.

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