The ETO Doors Customer Experience

Purchasing a new door can be a daunting endeavor; the sizes, finish, and material are all important considerations, not only for your home’s aesthetic, but also for your climate and usage. For example, selecting certain wood doors in desert climates can be particularly troublesome given the dry weather and significant fluctuation between day and nighttime temperatures. Rather than finding out the hard way that your door is probably not going to work for your home, we’ve created a system that removes the guess-work from the entire door ordering process.

ETO Doors appreciates that ordering a door online is an act that requires significant trust, and we’re keen to show you how simple your door order can be. Before any order is processed, you will have the opportunity to speak with one of our trained sales team members who can walk you through the door ordering process and any other questions you might have about your doors. If you have hired a contractor or carpenter for your work, the Sales Team can liaise between both you and your hired professional to ensure the doors ordered meet both your expectations and the professional’s installation needs.

To improve the customer experience, we’ve updated our website to include a Live Chat feature, which when selected, allows you to speak directly with a trained Sales Team member about your door order. The Live Chat feature is available throughout the ETO Doors hours of operation, 8a-5p PST Monday through Friday, and 11a-2p PST on Sunday. Also included in the new website is the ability for you to view your door as you select the hardware, glass, and iron finishings. If you don’t like the way your door looks after configuration, simply select a new style of glass or iron, or even an entirely new door. And if you’re not quite ready to purchase after configuration, simply save the door to your basket, or email a copy of the door configuration to yourself or contractor for review.

Whether you’re ready to purchase today, or you’re simply shopping around, ETO Doors is ready to assist in all of your home and business door needs. Call us today at 888-DOORS-ETO or visit our new website online at

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