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Choosing Green- Wood Doors

Wood doors are beautiful, exquisite, and unique.  They remain the top choice for most residential spaces, and are often used within the interior of commercial offices and businesses.  All wood doors are not created the same, especially when it comes to the manner in which the wood is harvested.  ETO Doors is proud to offer a multitude of green options for your home or office front door, but whether you find your doors online at or you go local, here are a few things to check if you want a “green” door.

1. FSC Certification.  The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council’s mission is to provide sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests. In short, the FSC ensures the harvesting of wood used for doors (and other wood products) is done in a way that encourages regrowth and development in the harvesting area.  ETO Doors is proud to carry FSC® certified wood door products in a variety of sizes/dimensions.

2. Actual Warehouse Environment.  Consider where the doors are stored; businesses should uses efficient lighting, heating and storage means to decrease energy usage. ETO Doors is proud to own buildings with solar panels on the roof, providing a significant reduction in the amount of energy required to run its businesses.

3. Carbon Footprint.  The Carbon Footprint is defined as the amount of CO2, and other carbon compounds and greenhouse gases emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels during an activity (see  ETO Doors is proud to offer US-grown wood options through American vendors who source their wood from the mid and northwest regions of the country.  When you select a door that is not only American-made, but also American-grown, you’re deceasing the total amount of energy used in the production of that door and thus, the total amount of fossil fuels consumed.

Environmental awareness is a key consideration in the ETO Doors manufacturing process.  The combination of solar panels, FSC® certified wood, and US grown wood options means you can be assured a green wood door option is available at  If you want to learn more about the ETO Doors green initiative call 888 DOORS ETO and speak with a team member or visit

The ETO Doors Customer Experience

Purchasing a new door can be a daunting endeavor; the sizes, finish, and material are all important considerations, not only for your home’s aesthetic, but also for your climate and usage. For example, selecting certain wood doors in desert climates can be particularly troublesome given the dry weather and significant fluctuation between day and nighttime temperatures. Rather than finding out the hard way that your door is probably not going to work for your home, we’ve created a system that removes the guess-work from the entire door ordering process.

ETO Doors appreciates that ordering a door online is an act that requires significant trust, and we’re keen to show you how simple your door order can be. Before any order is processed, you will have the opportunity to speak with one of our trained sales team members who can walk you through the door ordering process and any other questions you might have about your doors. If you have hired a contractor or carpenter for your work, the Sales Team can liaise between both you and your hired professional to ensure the doors ordered meet both your expectations and the professional’s installation needs.

To improve the customer experience, we’ve updated our website to include a Live Chat feature, which when selected, allows you to speak directly with a trained Sales Team member about your door order. The Live Chat feature is available throughout the ETO Doors hours of operation, 8a-5p PST Monday through Friday, and 11a-2p PST on Sunday. Also included in the new website is the ability for you to view your door as you select the hardware, glass, and iron finishings. If you don’t like the way your door looks after configuration, simply select a new style of glass or iron, or even an entirely new door. And if you’re not quite ready to purchase after configuration, simply save the door to your basket, or email a copy of the door configuration to yourself or contractor for review.

Whether you’re ready to purchase today, or you’re simply shopping around, ETO Doors is ready to assist in all of your home and business door needs. Call us today at 888-DOORS-ETO or visit our new website online at

ETO Doors- Wood Products

Wood doors offer impeccable finishing and versatility rarely found in any other type of door product, and when maintained properly, the doors can become a family heirloom for years to come. This is why customers continue to select a wooden door over well-priced options in fiberglass or ultra-modern versions in metals such as aluminum or steel. There’s a door for everyone and every kind of project, but the classic style and warmth that comes with wood is hard to beat. ETO Doors specializes in wood doors, and has some of the best-priced mahogany doors on the market today. ETO customers can choose from mahogany, Brazilian mahogany, knotty alder, and walnut wood species in a multitude of door styles.

The species selection is an important consideration when choosing an outside door as some species work better in certain climates than others. ETO Doors’ sales team can guide you through the appropriate selection to ensure that your door will work in the heat of the Vegas desert, or the bitter cold of North Dakota. ETO wooden doors come unfinished and unstained, allowing you the most flexibility in terms of final product. Instead of purchasing a door that is almost the right color for your home or preexisting wooden floors, you can select the perfect door, and hire a stainer/painter, or prepare the stain yourself to ensure a perfect match. And while ETO Doors does offer well-made aluminum doors, and maintains relationships with fiberglass door manufacturers Jen-Weld® and Plastpro®, so if you prefer a different finish than what is offered with natural wood, ETO Doors can still meet your door needs.

ETO Doors Reviews- Sales Team

A fully functional online website usually means there is a dearth of personal support available for a company. ETO Doors is committed to providing the best personal service and the best online user experience. Members of the ETO Doors sales team averages more than five years of door sales experience, varying from large build-outs (e.g. hotels, condos, and offices) as well as new homeowners trying door installation DIY.

Regardless of your project size, a sales team member can guide you or your contractor through the ordering process. If you prefer email interaction, the sales team typically responds within one business day to all emails and has personal phone extensions so they can be reached directly. ETO Doors designed its process to assign one sales team to each customer, which means you won’t have the same conversation with several team members each time you call. Unless you desire a different team member, the first sales team member with whom you speak, will remain your primary contact throughout the ordering process.

Many of the ETO Doors sales team have backgrounds in construction, taking their understanding of your project well beyond basic questions of inswing and outswing concerns. If you are unsure about the style or orientation, a team member can explain the benefits of using an outswing door in a tight space, such as a small bathroom. If you’re plans are flexible, they may even suggest swinging door alternatives such as a barn door, or pocket door. Whatever your needs, the ETO Team is available on the phone or via email to assist in the completion of your project.

ETO Doors Reviews- New Website

Easy online door ordering is here! We’re all accustomed to ordering products online; it started with, which made online shopping easier than going to the store and picking products in-person. Now, ETO Doors is joining the online e-commerce trend with the launch of their new website, currently in beta at The new site allows users to view the doors as they build them, pick the swing (inswing and outswing), as well as the handing (right hand or left hand).

In addition, the type of door material: wood, aluminum, or fiberglass, all are options when choosing your door. Glass and iron designs can be added or removed at anytime in the ordering process, making it easy for last-minute changes or upgrades that happen so frequently in the construction process.

The website revolutionizes door shopping and eliminates most sources of confusion for DIY customers, who typically are unfamiliar with door terminology and other considerations when installing. For the experienced contractor, the website makes ordering large quantities with various heights and swings as easy as ‘point and click’.

Guided by ETO’s trained sales team, anyone armed with proper measurements and a basic idea of what they require for their door should be able to navigate the door ordering process quickly and, more importantly, accurately- saving time and money on the project.

ETO Doors Reviews- Easy and Fast Shipping

ETO Doors headquarters is located in downtown Los Angeles where it stores, builds, and ships the doors on a daily basis. The single-location operation streamlines the ordering and business process, enabling a salesperson to speak with a production worker about an order or customer request immediately, eliminating delayed response times often found when dealing with business that have separate manufacturing and sales team locations.

Also expediting your order shipment is the ETO shipping process: because of the volume shipped daily from the DTLA warehouse, ETO contracts with several LTL carriers to ensure customer receive the best pricing and the best service. Further improving the shipment customer experience is flat rate shipping, new to ETO Doors this summer. ETO Doors is one of the only online door retailers to offer flat rate shipping of *$195 on the first door, and $35 for each door thereafter (*subject to change at any time).

Customers located in California can expect delivery in two workdays or less, while customers in New York and Florida typically receive their doors in less than a week after the doors ship. Depending on the stock and requirements to make each door, your order can ship within three days of order placement. Doors are delivered with lift-gate service, but door-to-door service can be an additional cost for residences. If you have special delivery concerns or limitations in how you can receive the door, make sure to speak with your ETO Doors sales team member at the time you place your order. Once of the preferred LTL carriers should be able to accommodate any type of request.

ETO Doors- Customer Service

It’s the ETO Doors philosophy that there is no single point for customer service, from the first call to the last email, your experience as a customer is first priority for ETO Doors. This means every department is guided by an underlying goal to provide the best possible service to the customer. Key points of customer interaction include the Status Department, where existing customers can receive updated information on their order, including estimated ship dates, and the Claims department, where any problems with your doors or door delivery are handled in the most expeditious way possible.

The sales team member with whom you work will remain your primary point of contact until the sale is finalized. Once finalized your order moves to the accounting department. If there are any questions about the amounts or billing style, an accounting team member will be in contact to discuss the same.

Following the Accounting department, the production manager receives the order, schedules its manufacture, and alerts the production team to prepare by picking the accessories and ordering any requisite door accessories and glass. During the manufacturing process, the Status team should be the primary point of contact, as they liaise directly with the production manager on the production floor. Once shipped, customers receive the shipping information via email, enabling them to schedule delivery directly with the carrier. If there are any issues following delivery or during delivery, customers are encouraged to contact their salesperson immediately, if the situation necessitates, the salesperson will alert the appropriate department to assist.